Caroline Haslett Primary School

Nil satis nisi optimum. Nothing but the best is good enough


2014 - 15 DONATIONS


So far this year Friends have purchased a total of 34 Raspberry Pis at a cost of £5,222.40
These are essential to the new curriculum to allow children to learn computer programming.


We have donated £300 per  year group for teachers to spend on extra resources for the children. So far the following has been spent…


Year 1 have spent £100 developing a reading area and have purchased a story telling chair, cushions, a giant leaf canopy, a rug and book boxes.

Year 3 have spent £300 purchasing wooden clocks and mechanisms, that the children have built and are able to take home.

Year 5 have spent £300 on purchasing guided reading books

Year 6 have spent £300 on a set of reading resources and board games for wet play.





In 2011 we obtained Charity Status which allowed us to earn our highest amount ever - £9,233.47

This term we have donated books to the school library and provided a new kit for the boys football team this year.


Autumn 2012