Caroline Haslett Primary School

Nil satis nisi optimum. Nothing but the best is good enough

Computing Curriculum

The Digital Leaders visited the Apple store this term.

06.12.17 - During Hour of Code week, Year 6 were visited by some of our knowledgeable parents who work in coding. A fabulous presentation by Mr. Carey and Mr. Rees inspired us. They helped us understand coding is easy to learn and made a coding job sound like fun!

Our Year 6 digital leaders organised and delivered lessons across the school with the help of our new recruits in Year 5. ‚Äč

Year 4 explore the digestive system using Virtual Reality. An interesting way to see how food travels through our body!

Autumn 1

AUP Online Safety Superheros / Computational Thinking / Algorithms

Y1 – Our Story – Look at Me!

Y2 – What is a computer? Algorithms

Y3 – Makey, Makeys - Inputs and Outputs

Y4 – Scratch - We are Software developers.

Y5 – What is a computer?/Raspberry pi

Y6 – What is a computer?/Raspberry pi

Autumn 2

Coding / Hour of Code

Y1 – Beebots / Programmable Toys (adapted Twinkl unit)

Y2 – Scratch junior / Probots

Y3 – Kodable, light bot.

Y4 – Scratch – We are toy designers.

Y5 – Snap! Logo, Lego Wedo

Y6 –Kodu programming.  Touch Develop

Spring 1


Y1 – Adapted Rising stars unit – We are painters.

Y2 – Story Jumper.

Y3 – Weather Reporters Meteorologists.

Y4  - Digital Music

Y5  - Wiki

Y6 - Radio

Spring 2

Computer Networks

Y1 – Explain Everything

Y2 – Explain everything

Y3 – Barefoot understand computer networks


Y5 – How does the internet work?

Y6 – Basic networking

Summer 1


Y1 - Padlet

Y2 – Google docs / Google slides.

Y3 – Twinkl unit communication and collaboration

Y4 – Google Sites

Y5 – Rising stars unit We are web developers. 

Y6 - Adapted twinkl unit– internet research and website design

Summer 2


Y1 – Storyboard that.

Y2 – google slides

Y3 – 3D printing - Tinkercad

Y4 – iMovie / animation

Y5 – 3D printing - Tinkercad

Y6 - Animated stories. Scratch