Caroline Haslett Primary School

Nil satis nisi optimum. Nothing but the best is good enough



Club Time Year Day Provider Collection
Gymnastics 8.00 to 8.45am 1-6 Monday Clubsport n/a
Arts & Craft 3.15 to 4.30pm 1-2 Monday Miss White, Mrs Carey, Mrs Moyle Edison Class
Homework 3.15 to 4.30pm 3-4 Monday Mrs Helm,  Mrs Birch Maybach Class
Sewing 3.15 to 4.30pm 3-4 Monday Mrs Jackson, Mrs Critchlow Murrey Class
Movie Club 3.15 to 4.30pm 5-6 Monday Mrs Lindop, Mrs Church Library
Tennis 3.15 to 4.30pm 1-6 Monday DRH Hall
Cheerleading 3.15 to 4.30pm 4-6 Monday Pacesetter Sports Hall
Piccolo Music Club 3.15 to 4.30pm 1-3 Monday Mark Nasir Mekon
Basketball  8.00 to 8.45am 3-6 Tuesday Clubsport n/a
Football 3.15 to 4.30pm 1-6 Tuesday DRH Hall
Piccolo Music Club 3.15 to 4.30pm 4-6 Tuesday Charelene Carr Mekon
Girls' Football Squad 3.15 to 4.30pm 5-6 Thursday Mr Dickens Hall
Ballet 8.00 to 8.45am 1-3 Wednesday Beki n/a
Golf/Archery 3.15 to 4.30pm 1-3 Wednesday Clubsport Hall
Dodgeball 3.15 to 4.30pm 4-6 Wednesday DRH Hall
Fencing  8.00 to 8.45am 4-6 Thursday Clubsport n/a
Multisports 3.15 to 4.30pm 1-3 Thursday DRH Hall
Production Club 3.15 to 4.15pm 3-6 Thursday Mrs Ottaway Hall
Formation Dance  8.00 to 8.45am 4-6 Friday Mrs Sheldon n/a
Table Tennis 3.15 to 4.30pm 1-3 Friday Clubsport Office
Horse Riding 3.15 to 5.30pm 2-6 Friday Brylerley Springs Office
Clubs begin week commencing Monday 8th January
Begin again week commencing Monday 19th February
Finish week commencing Monday 12th March
No Ballet club on Wednesday 7th February
No Formation Dance Club on Friday 9th February
No afternoon clubs on Thursday 22nd February